SOUND, ONLY SOUND! An Exhibition Where You’ll Hear Sounds with Your Other Senses!

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Any impact creates vibrations in the air that translate into sounds. Wind gusts hitting tree leaves, the air passing through your vocal cords from your lungs, a door closing, ants shuffling back and forth to bring food to the colony, the electronic impulses of a bell ringing… Sound waves are literally everywhere! Can you hear them? There are many different sounds reaching your ears as we speak. Sounds can be powerful or almost inaudible, high-pitched or deep, simple or complex. Some of those sounds may be pleasant to some, but irritating to others. Is it all just a matter of perception? No. It’s definitely also about science.

An Interactive Exhibition to Better Understand Sound

Born out of a collaboration between the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science and the Groupe d’Acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke, SOUND, ONLY SOUND! is a touring interactive exhibition that gives you the opportunity to actively explore sound from different points of view. Does silence really exist? How does sound travel? What frequencies can the human ear perceive? How to capture sound without hearing it? Can you see sound? You’ll learn the answers to all these questions, and much more. A true immersive experience, the exhibition will enable you to:

  • See sound through high speed cameras and professional measuring devices;
  • Touch sound by playing with fun music instruments and specialized acoustic materials;
  • Feel sound through sound quality evaluations, a fascinating branch of psychoacoustics;
  • Hear sound differently through music instruments and soundtracks, with newly acquired “sound check” knowledge!

The Journey of Sound, From Its Source to Your Ears

SOUND, ONLY SOUND! exhibition comprises three distinct zones taking you through the journey of sound, from its source to your ears. Each zone provides multimedia educative material aimed at both children and adults.

In the first place, you’ll be invited to describe various sounds as you hear them, including the sound of your own voice. You’ll then test different environments to experience firsthand how they impact sound, including an anechoic chamber (without reverberation) and a very reflective space. You’ll also discover key techniques used to reduce noise propagation and improve a room’s acoustic performance.

At last, be ready to play the role of each part of the ear and compare your hearing to that of well-known animals. You’ll get to learn about auditory health while initiating yourself to the fascinating field of psychoacoustics. If you wish to further your learning experience, take part in a real-life research project by sharing your appreciation of two sounds: one pertaining to cell phones and the other applicable to recreational vehicles.

Sonomètre Piccolo 2 à l'exposition SON, QUE DU SON!

Soft dB Is a Proud Partner of SOUND, ONLY SOUND!

As an active partner, we’ve gladly contributed to the making of SOUND, ONLY SOUND!, by providing professional-grade sound measuring instruments as well as a noise monitoring software, custom-developed for the exhibition by our team of engineers.

Our Piccolo 2 Sound Level Meter Featured in the Exhibition

We’re particularly proud of the fact that our Piccolo 2 sound level meter, a flagship product of Soft dB’s Instruments Division, plays a key role within the touring exhibition and will travel with it from coast to coast, measuring sounds across Canada until at least 2021.

SOUND, ONLY SOUND! has been very well received by the public since its official launch in late July. Catch the exhibition as it continues its canadian tour to the following venues:

Exploration Place, Prince-Georges, BC – September 21 2019 to January 3 2020
Resurgo Place, Moncton Museum, Moncton, NB – January 25 to April 5 2020
THE MUSEUM, Kitchener, ON – early September 2020 to early January 2021
Galerie d’art de Blainville, Blainville, QC – early January to March 31 2021