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Understanding the Technology of Sound Masking for Every Office Space - Quiz

Gain Useful Insights Into the Confidentiality of Open and Closed Office Environments

Below are two articles worth reading, especially if one of your goals is to improve the confidentiality of your workspace and provide occupants with superior auditory privacy.  Because better confidentiality and privacy not only means more effective communications among colleagues but also more opportunity to focus on productive tasks. Office workers will thank you for this!

How Private Is Your Private Office?

Lack of confidentiality can be a problem, but the illusion of confidentiality is worst. This is especially true for private offices where conversations carried behind a closed door are probably intended to be kept that way. This article covers the factors having the most impact on the confidentiality of private offices and highlights sound masking as a cost-effective method of making background noise levels work for us.

How Acoustically Effective Are Movable Walls?

With the ever-growing rise in popularity of open floor plans, it makes perfect sense to incorporate movable walls into the design of office spaces. But just how effective are they in terms of providing true speech privacy? This article helps you set realistic acoustic performance expectations when movable walls are integrated with the goal of providing occupants with better auditory privacy.

Need Help With Your Future Office Projects?

Our advanced sound masking technology will help you increase productivity in your workspace by reducing noisy distractions and providing opportunities for privacy and focus. A comfortable office positively impacts employee mood, drive and performance.