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Happy Holidays from Soft dB

Q4 2019 Newsletter is Here

Remarkable growth, promising global partnerships, new bright talents joining the team, big exciting projects, and successful clients all across the globe… What more to ask for in 2019? It was a great year spent in even greater company! The entire Soft dB team extends a big thank you and best wishes to all of you this holiday season. We hope you enjoy some well-deserved quality time with your loved ones, and wish you all the best for the New Year.

42e session sur la technique de sautage présentée par la SEEQ

Our Acoustical Engineers Unveil a Real-Time Blast and Vibration Monitoring Solution Tailored for the Mining Industry

As part of the 42nd session on the blasting techniques and technologies in mining, presented by Société d’Énergie Explosive du Québec (SEEQ) at Laval University in mid-November, Pierre-Claude Ostiguy, Eng., Ph.D., of the Soft dB acoustical consulting division, made a presentation entitled “New instrumentation in mining blast and vibration monitoring”.

The presentation covered the recent implementation of an intelligent network of vibration sensors at Agnico-Eagle’s Goldex mine located in Northern Quebec. Based on the architecture of the 4-channel Mezzo analyzer, an innovative sound & vibration analytics tool developed by our R&D engineers, this fully-integrated monitoring solution provides significant benefits, including:

  • Interconnected and centrally managed network consisting of 11 measurement stations continuously recording blast and seismic events
  • Up to 6 configurable alarm thresholds for level exceedance and station status (instant notifications sent by email and/or text message)
  • Advanced “master trigger” feature intended to force measurement on all stations, regardless of the vibration levels recorded
  • Highly configurable event pre-triggering, alarm threshold, and recording time
  • Reports summarizing all vibration sensor measurement data are automatically sent to key project stakeholders following any blast or seismic event
Piccolo 2 Sound Level Meter Featured in BC Local News

Our Piccolo II Sound Level Meter Featured on CKPG-TV News

Understanding sound starts with capturing and measuring it. When it comes to professional grade acoustical measurements, the Piccolo 2, our portable high-accuracy Class 2 sound level meter, is considered one of the best instruments available out there. And thanks to the fact that SOUND, ONLY SOUND!, a touring interactive exhibition which brings aspects of the sciences of sound, made it one of its featured tools, the Piccolo 2 may really become one of the most famous sound level meters out there too!

Coming out of Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science in Quebec, SOUND, ONLY SOUND! traveling exhibit began to make its way across Canada this past September, with its first stop being The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre in Prince George, British Columbia. Given its highly interactive and dynamic nature, the exhibit has been enjoying a resounding success among visitors of all ages while catching the attention of local medias.

Come mid-January 2020, the exhibit will travel all the way to the east coast, settling down in Moncton’s Resurgo Place which houses the Moncton Museum, until early April. Of course, the Piccolo 2 will gladly tag along!

Audio Design Distributes Sound Masking Systems in Bulgaria

Audio Designbg Becomes Official Distributor of Our SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System in Bulgaria

We’re thrilled to announce a third international distribution partnership in what’s already been a busy year in terms of global growth for our sound masking division. We’re yet again entering a promising new market thanks to Audio Design, a Bulgarian acoustical engineering company with an enviable track record and in-depth knowledge of sound masking technology. The fact that Audio Design’s founder, Mr. Stanislav Filipov, completed a PhD thesis on sound masking systems, makes it an even more valuable ally in helping our new and existing clients across Bulgaria take full advantage of our sound masking products.

Located in the heart of Sofia, Audio Design has been delivering innovative acoustical solutions across Europe for over 10 years. The company’s unique personalized approach to noise and vibration control, soundproofing and acoustical measurements has successfully helped many prestigious clients such as Ernst&Young, Deutcshe Leasing, Lukoil and Tishman International.

Please contact Stanislav Filipov, Eng., Ph.D., Administrative Director at Audio Designbg, for any inquiries or questions regarding sound masking in Bulgaria.

Audio Designbg
137 Vitosha Blvd.
1408 Ivan Vazov, Sofia
+359 888 440504

Jason Booij competing at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Nice

Highlighting Jason Booij's Athletic Performance at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Nice

More than 5500 of the world’s finest athletes were registered to compete in Nice, France last September 7 and 8 at the 2019 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. In order to qualify for this challenging race, some 200,000 triathletes competed to earn slots at over a hundred Ironman 70.3 events held worldwide throughout the year. And guess what? Jason Booij, our sound masking sales manager for Western Canada and Northwestern US who also happens to be quite a dedicated triathlete in his personal life, made the cut into the elite…

Focusing at work

Sounds like Hard Work: How the Right Noise Can Help You Focus and Be More Creative

The Globe and Mail recently published a great story by Saira Peesker about how sound affects productivity in the workspace. It turns out that noise in the office isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on the type of task at hand. As a provider of sound masking solutions for today’s ever-evolving office environment, we feel honored to have been asked our input on this highly relevant topic and be featured in such a well written, well researched story. What’s more, it’s a story that never really ends for there’ll always be introverts and extroverts working together in open-concept offices, and there’ll always be a need to ensure that both types can equally strive in a comfortable sonic environment that optimizes focus.

Soft dB Q3 2019 Newsletter

Q3 2019 Newsletter is Here

Our quarterly newsletter is a great way to stay informed of our latest sound masking projects, client success stories, innovations in acoustical engineering, as well as what our team is up to. Here are a few topics covered in this Q3 2019 newsletter:

  • Announcing our presence at IFMA’s World Workplace Conference & Expo 2019
  • Setting the record straight on claiming compliance with NFPA 72 and UL 2572 standards
  • Meeting CCEA requirements for plenum installations with our SURF4 loudspeaker
  • Introducing a real-time monitoring platform for noise, vibrations, dust, traffic flow and more
  • Announcing our certification to upcoming IEC 62368-1 product safety standard
  • Presenting a touring exhibition that’ll make you hear sounds with your other senses
  • Interesting blog articles about vibrations and the effectiveness of movable walls
  • Highlighting our US Southeast sales manager’s involvement in IIDA Georgia Chapter
  • Presenting a new distribution partner in Qatar
  • Welcoming new sound masking sales managers in the US and Canada
Exposition SON, QUE DU SON!

SOUND, ONLY SOUND! An Interactive Exhibition Where You'll Hear Sounds with Your Other Senses!

Born out of a collaboration between the Sherbrooke Museum of Nature and Science and the Groupe d’Acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke, SOUND, ONLY SOUND! is a touring interactive exhibition that gives you the opportunity to actively explore sound from different points of view. As an active partner, we’ve gladly contributed to the making of this exhibition, by providing professional-grade sound measuring instruments, namely our Piccolo 2 sound level meter, and a noise monitoring software custom-developed by our team of engineers.

UL 2572 doesn't mean superior sound masking system

NFPA 72 and UL 2572 Certifications Are Irrelevant to Sound Masking Systems

UL 2572 is a product certification developed by Underwriters Laboratories and specifically intended for mass notification systems. This certification has nothing to do with sound masking systems whatsoever. Meanwhile, a well-known sound masking system supplier openly claims that its system is the only one on the market that is NFPA 72 and UL 2572 certified. It’s important to understand that this is solely a marketing tactic, misleadingly suggesting that sound masking and mass notification system standards somehow correlate to each other.

Brian Amideo - Sound Masking Sales Manager Southwest US

Brian Amideo Joins Soft dB as Sound Masking Sales Manager for the U.S. Southwest

The Soft dB Sound Masking division is growing tremendously. We have a solid team in the US and we’re making a positive difference by improving productivity, confidentiality and acoustic comfort in office environments.

As part of our strategic plan for the US, we’re happy to announce that Brian Amideo has joined the Soft dB team as our new Sound Masking Sales Manager for the southwestern states. He will be in charge of implementing and managing the sales activities as well as generating new growth across Arizona and New Mexico.

Brian has been in the Phoenix AV business since 1997, and successfully managed his own AV contractor business between 2003 and 2016. His valuable field experience will surely bring a new dynamic to the team and help our clients succeed with sound masking.

Jeff Harvey - Sound Masking Sales Manager for Central Canada

Jeff Harvey Joins Soft dB as Sound Masking Sales Manager for Central Canada

Another big step forward in our strategic growth plan for Canada. We’re pleased to inform you that Jeff Harvey has joined the Soft dB team as our new Sound Masking Sales Manager for Central Canada. He will be responsible for managing and developing new growth for our SmartSMS-NET sound masking product line across Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Prior to joining our ranks, Jeff has held a number of key roles in technology business development in the Greater Toronto Area, working with industry leaders such as Xerox, Bell, Okidata and more recently Crestron. During that time, he has shown a very impressive track record in sales growth and customer satisfaction. Jeff brings with him a significant amount of experience and qualities that will positively impact and support our canadian clients.

CCEA Approved Sound Masking Speakers

SMS-SURF4 Sound Masking Speaker Now Complies with the City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) for Plenum Installation

The safety and efficiency of our sound masking equipment is paramount, which is why our SMS-SURF4 flush-mounted ceiling loudspeaker is now available with a Chicago Plenum option to meet City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) regulations.

The SMS-SURF4 speaker has been slightly redesigned to ensure that it fully meets the City of Chicago’s electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any region where building code requires that all conductors be installed in metal that is inherently airtight, sealed off and gasketed from the plenum air space.

Spectrum Distributes Sound Masking Systems in Qatar

Spectrum Becomes Official Distributor of Our SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking System in Qatar

We are are proud to announce our new distribution partnership with Spectrum. As an independent lighting design & solutions company with a proven track record in delivering significant value to global interior design projects, Spectrum will distribute and provide technical support for all our sound masking products to existing and new customers across Qatar.

Design and quality focused, Spectrum engages in innovative lighting solutions and technologies, balancing aesthetics and function with commercial and sustainable requirements for various project types including commercial, hospitality, and retail. From concept design to detailed calculations, Spectrum will work closely with end users, consultants, interior designers, and contractors, covering all aspects of sound masking system design, planning, costing, and supply.

Please contact Nathan Delaney, General Manager at Spectrum, for any inquiries or questions regarding sound masking in Qatar.

2nd Floor Hawwah Building
Ahmed Bin Ali Street, Bin Omran
Doha, Qatar
+974 4012 0300

Christine Lakso: IIDA Georgia Corporate Forum Leader

US Southeast Sales Manager Christine Lakso Appointed Corporate Forum Leader for IIDA Georgia Chapter

As a seasoned sales manager covering the southeastern United States, Christine is passionate about helping architects, interior designers and facility managers leverage sound masking to achieve superior acoustics for the beautiful spaces they work so hard to create. We’re proud to announce that she was recently nominated to serve on the board of the Georgia Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) as Corporate Forum Leader.

IIDA is a professional networking and educational association of more than 13,000 Members in 10 design specialty Forums in 30 Chapters around the world. IIDA Georgia currently has 425 Members. IIDA Forums provide a venue for discussion with professionals in similar fields and information exchange on trends, problem-solving strategies and perspectives on current or developing areas of design practice within specific industries.

As IIDA Georgia Corporate Forum Leader, Christine will be actively contributing to highly relevant conversations focused on defining wellness in today’s workplace, while nurturing excellence and innovation in interior design practices and education.

Soft dB Complies With UL 62368-1 Standards

Our Sound Masking Controllers and Loudspeakers Now Certified to New Hazard-Based IEC 62368-1 Safety Standard

We work hard to future-proof our products and technology while continuously ensuring the safety of end-users. So we’re glad to inform you that all our sound masking controllers and loudspeakers are already certified to the new IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1 hazard-based safety standards (Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment – Part 1: Safety requirements).

IEC 62368-1 is meant to supersede existing safety standards worldwide. Regulators in the US and EU have decided to harmonize the date the new standards will officially replace the outgoing 60950-1 and 60065 standards. This harmonized date is currently December 20, 2020. Meanwhile, we saw no reason not to test our new and existing products in accordance with the incoming standard right now.

The following products all bear the ETL label under provisions of the Intertek Multiple Listing Program and fully comply with the latest IEC 62368-1 requirements:

Sound Masking Loudspeakers

Sound Masking Controllers
ML48-8ch, SL48-8ch, SL24-8ch, ML24-4ch, SL24-4ch, ML12-2ch, RL120-4ch, RL200-8ch, RLCTL-8ch, CMS-II-1Ch, CMS-II-2Ch, RL96-8ch, RLCTL2-8ch

Soft dB Q2 2019 Newsletter

Q2 2019 Newsletter is Here

Our quarterly newsletter is a great way to stay informed of our latest sound masking projects, client success stories, innovations in acoustical engineering, as well as what our team is up to. Here are a few topics covered in this Q2 2019 newsletter:

  • Introducing a new rack-mount sound masking controller that packs a punch
  • Meeting the City of Chicago CCEA requirements for plenum installations
  • Presenting our continuing education program aimed at architects and designers
  • Premier Tech wins OAQ’s Award of Excellence in Architecture
  • How LEED construction and sound masking play well together
  • Welcoming a new sound masking sales manager in the US
  • Announcing a new distribution partner in Sweden
SMS-STR Sound Masking Speaker - Chicago Version

Our SMS-STR Sound Masking Speaker Now Complies with the City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) for Plenum Installation

The safety and efficiency of our sound masking equipment is paramount, which is why our SMS-STR loudspeaker is available with a Chicago Plenum option to meet City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) regulations. The speaker has been slightly redesigned to ensure that it fully meets the City of Chicago’s stricter electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any region where building code requires that electrical wires are run through metal conduit.

Sound masking sales manager in U.S. Mountain States

New Sound Masking Sales Manager in the Mountain and South Central States

We are pleased to announce that Alex Vargo has recently joined the Soft dB team as a new Sound Masking Sales Manager for the Mountain and South Central states. He will be responsible for managing and developing new growth for our SmartSMS-NET sound masking product line across Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming. We’re confident that Alex will excel in his new role and will ensure an effective coordination of our sound masking projects to better serve our American clients while achieving our market goals in the US.

Alex Vargo
9249 S Broadway #200-772
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
(720) 470-0381

Premier Tech

Premier Tech Wins an Excellence in Architecture Award for Its Olympe Project in Rivière-du-Loup

The Ordre des Architectes du Québec (OAQ) announced the winners of its 30th Excellence in Architecture Awards during a gala event held on April 5th at the Société des Arts Technologiques in Montreal. A Soft dB client, Premier Tech in Rivière-du-Loup, received the Award of Excellence in the Administrative Buildings category for its newly completed Olympe building. Our smartSMS-NET sound masking system is an integral part of the Olympe building, ensuring the acoustic comfort of Premier Tech employees across its open-plan offices spread out over three floors.

RL96 Sound Masking Controller

Introducing the RL96: a Leaner, Better Sound Masking Controller

Recently added to our sound masking product line, the RL96 is a rugged, compact rack-mount controller that packs a punch. It is meant to replace its bulkier predecessors, the RL120 and RL200, as one of our flagship sound masking controllers specially tailored to office spaces above 5000 square feet (460 m2). Designed with simplicity, versatility and cost-efficiency in mind, the RL96 delivers a whole new level of acoustic performance in a sleek 1U compact footprint.

Continuing education program for architects and interior designers

Introducing New Accredited Continuing Education Program for Architects and Interior Designers

Understanding the Technology of Sound Masking for Every Office Space

Soft dB is introducing a new course registered with the American institute of Architects (AIA) for continuing education credits. In this course, you will learn about the importance of sound masking and how it can easily be implemented in different sized offices. You will understand why speech can be overheard in an office space and learn about one of the most efficient methods of creating an office environment with the perfect balance between confidentiality and acoustic comfort. In addition, you will discover how sound masking contributes to positive change in performance and wellness of employees by increasing their privacy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic science behind sound and architectural acoustics.
  • Learn about sound masking and its proven benefits on the working environment.
  • Become familiar with the different implementations of sound masking for open and closed office spaces.
  • Easily calculate the costs of sound masking and its return on investment.
  • Discover how sound masking positively impact Green Building acoustics without compromising esthetics.
National Bank of Canada-Menk-s Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Archi

National Bank's New Head Office in Montreal Aiming for a LEED v4 Gold and WELL Certification

With its unique design emphasizing collaborative, modern, bright, and technology-driven spaces, National Bank’s new head office will be one of Montreal’s most impressive office buildings. Aiming for a LEED v4 Gold and WELL certification, the building is also designed to meet the world’s strictest standards in terms of sustainable construction, integrated design and occupants’ health and well-being. The National Bank already leverages our SmartSMS-NET sound masking system in its existing locations to provide employees with optimal acoustic comfort, increased speech privacy and the ability to focus on what matters most.

SAC Nordic: Soft dB sound masking distributor in Sweden

New Swedish Distributor For Sound Masking Systems

Soft dB is proud to announce that a new partner is now responsible for promoting and selling our SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking Systems in Sweden.

SAC Nordic
Prästtorpsvägen 16
S-341 51 Lagan
+46 0372 35000

Soft dB Newsletter Q1 2019

Q1 2019 Newsletter is Here

For this first Newsletter of 2019, Soft dB is proud to be launching a new Centralized Touch Panel compatible with the SmartSMS-Net sound masking system. We are continuing to grow our sales team in the USA and sharing with you a number of customer’s success stories while partnering with Soft dB. Furthermore, Soft dB is opening up a new market in Russia with our new distributor: EMAG Group.

Acoustics and Sound Masking Blog

Soft dB Blog

A new Blog section is now available on the Soft dB website. Soft dB Blog will present more in depth articles and case studies featuring different topics related to sound masking and acoustics.

EY trusts Soft dB Sound Masking System

EY Chooses Soft dB in Boston

EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. It is taking steps to become even more attractive for its existing and future workforce. One of the step EY is taking toward this goal is to implement the Workplace of the Future initiative. EY put aside the traditional closed-office concept to a more flexible, collaborative work environment wit the help of Soft dB sound masking system. It was installed on multiple floors, covering open areas and closed offices. EY is now taking advantage of the Soft dB exclusive Adaptive Control technology that provides extraordinary acoustic confort without any compromise on confidentiality and productivity.

Wells Fargo Trusts Soft dB Sound Masking System

Another Wells Fargo Success With Soft dB

Wells Fargo is a world renowned financial institution with a history dating back to 1852. Recently, they inaugurated a new 1.1 million-square-foot corporate office campus in Minneapolis. The new campus is home to more than 5,000 employees who are working mostly in open concept office areas.

Wells Fargo has been a long standing Soft dB sound masking customer and the management team of Wells Fargo decided yet again to trust the Soft dB technology and install the SmartSMS-Net sound masking system in all 21 floors. Thanks to Soft dB and our patented adaptive control technology, Wells Fargo’s employees can focus on individual tasks with less distractions. Also, employees having conversations or meetings can speak more freely with less concern that their conversations are being overheard.


Design Grand Prix at Attraction Media

Soft dB is proud to announce that one of its customers has just won an award for the quality of the design of its new office space. The office of Attraction Media, located in the heart of Montreal won the award  for “Best office space of more than 20,000 sq. Ft.” at the GRAND PRIX DU DESIGN competition. The offices are equipped with open spaces area, flexible and minimalist design. Soft dB is proud to have contributed to this success by providing a state of art sound masking system in an office space with open ceilings where all Soft dB sound masking speakers where visible and yet in perfect harmony with the design without any compromise on the sound masking performance.

SMS-CTP centralized touchscreen panel for sound masking system

SMS-CTP: A New Centralized Touchscreen Panel

Soft dB is proud to introduce the SMS-CTP, which is a centralized control panel that control the SmartSMS-NET product line. The SMS-CTP is an intuitive touch technology that allows for simple and secure sound masking volume adjustments to the sound masking system via one centralized panel.

Desjardins Trusts Soft dB Sound Masking System

Desjardins in the Olympic Stadium Tower

Desjardins will participate at the 2019 Conference on the Management of Workspaces organized by Les Affaires. As one of the largest financial institution in Canada, they will present their new office space located in the tower of the Montreal Olympic Stadium. Desjardins’ office concept is absolutely stunning in this very unique location. Their offices are highly modern, with an inspiring design, and are fully equipped with our state-of-the-art sound masking system Soft dB SmartSMS-NET. Do not miss this presentation!

EMAG Group distributes sound masking in Russia

New International Distributor For Sound Masking System

Soft dB is proud to announce that a new partner is now responsible for promoting and selling the SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking Systems of Soft dB in Russia.

EMAG Group
Москва, Золоторожский вал. д. 34 стр. 6
Адрес для почтовой переписки: 111250, г. Москва, а/я 40, получатель:
ООО “КомплектПоставка”.
+7 495 927 02 57

CMS-II Compact Sound Masking System

The CMS-II Is Ready For Action !

Dear partners and colleagues,
Soft dB is proud to announce that CMS-II is now ready to be shipped anywhere! As you know, the CMS-II is a complete sound masking system, simple, easy to use and packed with new technologies. Tailored for small and medium offices of 5,000 ft2 (465 m2) or less, the CMS-II provides unparalleled sound masking performance at a reasonable price.
Sound masking sales manager in mid-atlantic U.S.

New Sound Masking Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic Region

As part of its continued growth, the Soft dB team would like to inform you that Michael Fonte has joined the group as a new Sound Masking SalesManager for the territory of Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.

Michael Fonte
200 Wilson Point Road
PO Box 5015
Baltimore, MD 21220

sound masking sales manager in Illinois

New Sound Masking Sales Manager for Chicago

As part of its continued growth, the Soft dB team would like to inform you that Anthony Wilson has joined the group as a new Sound Masking SalesManager for the territory of Illinois

Anthony Wilson
PO Box 656
17541 Kedzie Ave
Hazel Crest, IL 60429

Stay Informed About Our Latest News and Innovations

Our quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with of our latest sound masking projects, client success stories, innovations in acoustical engineering, as well as what our team is up to.