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Soft dB Newsletter Q4 2018

Q4 Newsletter 2018

For our Soft dB Newsletter this quarter, we’re launching a brand new sound masking controller, presenting a paper at Inter-Noise, helping a customer with its confidentiality issues in an office tower equipped with radiant ceilings and raised floors and we’re traveling to Charlotte to meet with Facilities Managers from all around the world. Just another exciting and busy couple of months at Soft dB.

CMS-II Compact Sound Masking System

CMS-II: A new controller for small & medium offices

The CMS-II is a complete sound masking system, simple, easy to use and packed with new technologies. Tailored for small and medium offices of 5,000 ft2 (465 m2) or less, the CMS-II provides unparalleled sound masking performance at a reasonable price.

Each CMS-II controller unit provides:

Intuitive touch screen interface
1 or 2 channels: up to 12 or 24 speakers
Up to 12 Equalizer Presets
Volume, treble and base adjustment.
Music input & mixer
Adjustable Ramp-Up (1 day to 4 weeks)
Password locking
Desktop, Wall or Wall Flush-mount
The CMS-II works with the complete range of Soft dB sound masking speakers therefore allowing the system to be installed in virtually any office configuration: open offices, closed offices, meeting rooms, tile ceilings, open ceiling, raised floors, radiant metal ceilings, etc.


Soft dB Sound Masking, the Perfect Match With Radiant Heat Ceilings at BCI

For British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), the choice of raised floor and metal radiant heat ceilings came with many advantages, except for the acoustics.

As their new building in Victoria, BC, Canada was being built, the directors of BCI came in contact with Jason Booij, Sales Manager at the Sound Masking division of Soft dB.

The challenge was to put a state of the art sound masking system with the Soft dB Adaptive Control feature without any access to the plenum space. To complicate matters even more, the metal radiant ceiling tiles could not be equipped with surface speakers since these special tiles could not be cut or drilled to install any surface speaker.

Soft dB came up with a very smart way to install low profile flat sound masking speakers in the limited space of the raised floor. Furthermore, the Soft dB flat speakers were able to produce a very well balanced sound masking spectrum throughout the entire office after the calibration was performed.

This project with BCI is a prime example of how Soft dB expertise in office acoustic can help facilities managers around the world solve their open office acoustic issues. Soft dB has 6 different types of sound masking speakers to meet any type of office configuration. 

Sound Masking Loudspeakers

Direct-Field vs Plenum Speakers: Hype and Reality

At the fall 2018 InterNoise conference in Chicago, Soft dB presented a scientific study based on measurable and repeatable experiments to demonstrate the reality, beyond the marketing hype. The conclusions of the study are very interesting:
Spatial uniformity of the masking sound is better (more uniform) with a plenum system than a direct field
In the case of a sound masking system in a plenum space with obstruction, the spatial uniformity is still better than a direct field system
Soft dB is a world class sound masking systems manufacturer and offers both configurations. Direct field sound masking speakers make sense in some office configuration where the plenum height is limited or when paging is required. However, for all other applications, a plenum system will typically be a better option for sound masking efficiency and confort.


IFMA World Workplace Conference in Charlotte, NC

In October this year again, the Soft dB sound masking team was pleased to meet old and new customers at the IFMA World Workplace Conference in Charlotte, NC. The customer reaction was very positive during the launch of the new Surf4 & SMS HDN sound masking speakers.

To learn more about these two products, follow these links


New Sound Masking Sales Manager

As part of its continued growth, the Soft dB team would like to inform you that Michael Smoyer has joined the group as a new sound masking sales manager for the territory of California. He is based in San Francisco. Mike has had a distinguished career in business development in building automation in California.

Michael Smoyer
1005 Northgate Dr.
PO Box 323
San Rafael
CA 94903
Phone: (213) 200-8041

Wah Lam Company Limited

New International Distributor For Sound Masking System

Soft dB is proud to announce that a new partner is now responsible for promoting and selling the SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking Systems of Soft dB in Hong Kong.

Wah Lam Company Limited

Contact: Edmon Lam
Rm G, 4/F Block 2,
Golden Dragon Industrial Centre,
162-170 Tai Lin Pai Road,
Kwai Chung, N.T., H.K.
Phone:  852-3153 5023
fax: 852-3153 5028

I-Track Noise Mapping System

I-Track Continues to Impress

In a recent article, San Francisco-based VACC inc. (Vibro-Acoustic Consultants) praises the Soft dB I-Track sound intensity imaging system. The article showcases the benefits of sound intensity measurements over sound pressure level measurements. Thanks to this Soft dB technology, the company stands out from their competition by offering more accurate and easily data. Discover for yourself how the I-Track system identifies sound sources.


Sound Masking, the Modern Solution for Noisy Hospitals

In the article “Patients discharging themselves while still sick because of wards are too noisy at night, research finds” published in the newspaper The Telegraph, the journalist Katie French describes the acoustical environment of some hospitals. The many sophisticated equipment in emergency rooms are so noisy that some patients return home before they have finished their treatment. Follow the link to read the article

Station de mesure environnementale Soft dB

Soft dB Consulting in New-England

Soft dB has been offering acoustical and vibration consulting since 1996. Our team of Ph.D.’s, engineers and technicians work around the world to solve noise and vibration problems. The natural progression for Soft dB has been to open an office in the Boston metropolitan area to better serve the New England market.

This new office, led by the acoustician Franck Pérot Ph.D., will be focused on the following acoustical consultancy services:

Environmental Noise
Industrial Noise
Remote Monitoring
Architectural Acoustics

Soft dB Newsletter Q2 2018

Q2 Newsletter 2018

Soft dB is proud to present yet again its quarterly newsletter. In this second edition of the year, the spotlight is on our Soft dB consulting division in New England, new sound masking products, the I-Track in the news and much more!


Rockfon uses Soft dB's sound imaging technology

Rockfon, a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL International, produces acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls. In their blog article  “SEEING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE NOISE” we discover how their products perform to control the noise passing through a ceiling. The very precise sound images presented in the article were created using the I-Track system, Soft dB’s very own sound intensity mapping system. As the author says :  “This color-mapping method helps to bridge the gap between the technical, quantitative side of acoustics and the visual side of design in an impactful and memorable way.”

Soft dB Newsletter Q1 2018

Q1 Newsletter 2018

Soft dB is proud to present yet again its quarterly newsletter. In this first edition of 2018, we have a lot of exciting news to convey: product launches, award winning projects, partners in the news and our team is growing!

You have questions ?

Our advanced sound masking technology will transform your workspace.

You have questions ?

Our advanced sound masking technology will transform your workspace.