Heavy Equipment Soundproofing Panels and Curtains

Couverture d'insonorisation Soft dB
Couverture d'insonorisation Soft dB

Why Choose ISOTEX dB?

The ISOTEX dB blankets make a significant difference in the sound level produced by the equipment it covers, acting directly on the source of the problem.

How Does It Work?

ISOTEX dB is a powerful and flexible soundproofing solution to help reduce machinery noise.

  1. Mesh material covering the surfaces on the source side allows the acoustic materials of the blanket to be effective
  2. High performance absorption material on the inside reduces the sound pressure on the source side
  3. High density sound-deadening material blocks sound from passing through the blankets
  4. Overlapping protective fabric covers any possible leaks between the sections

Heavy Equipment Soundproofing Made Simple

Watch the short video below to see how our tailor-made soundproofing panel system is one of the quickest, simplest and most effective solutions for quieting down noisy industrial equipment.



  • Appropriate for electrical equipment of any size
  • Can also be installed on moving equipment
  • Lightweight structure for hard to reach equipment
  • Perfect for heavy industrial applications

Features Of Our Soundproofing Solution

The ISOTEX dB T series acoustic blanket is used to achieve efficient industrial soundproofing, even at low frequencies. The acoustic blanket is robust, modular and portable for quick and easy installation. Cutting and assembling of the component material is done at the factory, simplifying the on-site installation work.

Its features are presented below:

  • Industrial Grade
  • High Sound Reduction (STC 33)
  • Custom-made for every project
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Water repellant and UV resistant
  • Wide Temperature range

Turn-Key Solution

In order to ensure the hassle-free soundproofing of different heavy equipment and vehicles, ISOTEX dB is offered as a turnkey solution. The path from conception to installation is comprised of three simple steps:


Step 1 : On-site Assessment and Quote

Our soundproofing engineers take the necessary time with you to evaluate your needs and come up with a solution suited for your project.


Step 2 : Design and Fabrication

Let us take care of the whole soundproof blanket design and fabrication process, using high-quality sound-absorbing materials.


Step 3 : Installation

We provide detailed installation plans so you or your team can install the blankets. Once done, we measure the acoustic insulation to validate that it meets the specifications.



The Isotex‐dB blankets are designed in partnership with IPI Thermal insulation, a leader in industrial insulation.


Want to know more about our industrial soundproofing solutions?

Our soundproofing engineers’ approach to soundproofing is unique. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how our acoustic consultants can change your life.

Have any questions concerning our soundproofing services?

Our soundproofing engineers’ approach to soundproofing is unique. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how our acoustic consultants can change your life.