Aeroacoustics Consulting Services

Reduce Flow Noise Through Complete Product Lifecycle

Industrial blowers, air conditioning systems, cooling fans, alternators, high pressure valves and exhaust systems all make noises that can cause discomfort or even a strong annoyance. For each of these products, the main source of noise is often the turbulent flow producing acoustic waves, known as aeroacoustics. Aeroacoustics noise is a complex and sensitive multi-disciplinary science involving airborne and structure borne acoustics, aerodynamics and structure vibration and deformation.

Soft dB Support You With Turbulence Noise

Soft dB partners with product development engineers and assists end customers in solving their aeroacoustic noise issues. Soft dB combines state-of-the-art measurement and computational techniques to offer unique consulting services covering all aspects of aeroacoustics, from practical mitigation solutions to expert engineering support during the product design stages.

HVAC and blower noise evaluation in installed conditions – Courtesy of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes Brand




Car and Transportation

Car and Transportation



Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment



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Industrial Chimney

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  • Car and Transportation

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Blowers

  • HVAC

  • Industrial Chimney

Aeroacoustics Noise Mitigation

When noise levels have to be reduced in an industrial, architectural or environmental context, efficient passive or active countermeasures such as silencers, acoustic panels, heavy duty soundproofing or enclosures can be dimensioned. These efficient solutions might in some cases be challenging to install and not be sufficient to reach stringent targets. A complementary alternative is to act on reducing the flow-induced noise sources associated with geometry details and complex fluid/surface interactions. Since these sources are invisible and a priori not intuitive to understand, high accuracy Computational AeroAcoustics (CAA) simulations appear as a valuable alternative. This type of computation indeed provides a detailed characterization of the flow and associated noise sources helping to precisely identify issues and to propose efficient mitigation solutions.

Numerically designing and validating the use of soundproofing materials – Courtesy of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes Brand

Aeroacoustics Noise Design

During the design phases of the development, engineers need guidance on the acoustic levels of their future product in order to comply with regulations or to satisfy customer expectations. Engineers also need to investigate and optimize the performances of different designs to achieve their target. On one hand, prototyping and measurements can be used to determine noise levels in acoustic rooms, wind-tunnels or even in the environment. On the other hand, geometry models combined with computational methods provide an accurate assessment of the noise and enable the investigation of solutions that might not be accessible with prototyping.

Aeroacoustics Services

Across the product life cycle, Soft dB proposes a unique set of services:

Acoustics, vibration and aeroacoustics measurements on prototypes or in situ including:

  • Sound Pressure levels,
  • Wall Pressure Fluctuations,
  • High performance acoustic intensity,
  • Beamforming,
  • In-duct acoustic power,
  • 3-axis vibrations,
  • Sound mapping,
  • 24/7 noise and weather monitoring,

Evaluation and optimization of designs using computational methods, including:

  • High fidelity Computational AeroAcoustics (CAA) based on Lattice Boltzmann and Navier Stokes methods,
  • FEM, BEM, SEA methods complementing CAA,
  • Building HVAC noise modeling.

Passive and active countermeasures specification, including:

  • Customized active noise control systems,
  • Silencers,
  • Acoustic panels,
  • Heavy duty soundproofing,
  • Enclosures

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